Values in Career Exploration Part Two-Attitudes

Career exploration is the process of learning about yourself in relation to the world of work. Today we’ll talk about attitudes.

What are your attitudes? What do you think about work in general? Are you looking for a job to pay bills or are you searching for a career that you can build and grow? Let’s give some thought and consideration to your values.

What are attitudes, exactly?

Attitudes are: settled ways of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior.

Are you feeling hopeful about your career exploration and job search? Are you making sure that all your interactions with others are strategic and positive as you look toward the future and new possibilities? Are you doing things to help alleviate the inevitable negative emotions that arise when a search becomes tough?

Take some time and consider:

What are my attitudes?

If you’d like to explore this further contact us at CCPA Career and Professional Services, We can talk about it.

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