Values in Career Exploration Part Three-Passion

Career exploration is the process of learning about yourself in relation to the world of work. Today we’ll talk about passion.

We hear the phrase “follow your passion” often. This conjures thoughts of being able to change a hobby or other activities into a paid position. It also makes people think that such a position would be blissful and never involve any headache or trouble. This is difficult and possibly unrealistic because there are no real guidelines for “following passion” successfully. Let’s look at passion a little differently.

What is passion, exactly?

Passion is: a strong affection or enthusiasm for an object, concept, etc.

Are you strongly enthusiastic about your desired path? Can you describe an ideal day at work and are you looking for work that encompasses some of those qualities?  If you’ve defined and understand your values and your attitudes it’s easier to look at job descriptions and make decisions about applying. It’s easier to evaluate companies during interviews and to trust your instincts about fit. It becomes easier to decide whether or not you can be passionate or strongly enthusiastic about new opportunities.  Looking at passion in this way can help you keep your options open because you are able to consider new options through a well-defined set of criteria and discover new passions.

Considering passion in career exploration does not have to involve quitting a traditional job to try to make a hobby into a viable business or job. Passion in career exploration is about including your values and attitudes in your job search and keeping an open mind about the possibility of new and exciting careers. Think about passion a bit differently and work towards finding that fulfilling position that is just right for you.

Take some time and consider:

What is my passion?

If you’d like to explore this further contact us at CCPA Career and Professional Services, We can talk about it.

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